Photo: UK’s Gibraltar patrol boat back in water after refit

The Royal Navy has shared a photo of one of its two fast patrol boats which help safeguard the waters around Gibraltar as it was being lowered back into Gibraltar harbor.

HMS Sabre was hauled out of the Mediterranean Sea for five weeks for her annual survey/refit.

The work carried out on the 23-year-old boat included re-painting and cleaning of the hull to improve her speed through the water (sadly the shark’s teeth once painted on her bow have long since gone) and an overhaul of her two MAN V10 diesel engines which power the 24-tonne boat through territorial waters (and occasionally beyond) at speeds of up to 32kts (36mph).

While she was out of the water, sister HMS Scimitar was patrolling around Gibraltar (plus the squadron’s RIBs, and civilian police craft) and escorting visiting British and Allied warships – including HMS Daring, Diamond and Bulwark – into and out of the naval base.

“I’m really pleased to see Sabre returning to the water ahead of schedule,” said her CO Lt Tom Lindsey. “Our engineering team, together with Bolaños, have worked hard to ensure that she is in the best possible condition to keep up the high operational tempo required in and around British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.”