Italy launches first Aster 30 missile from FREMM frigate Carlo Bergamini

The lead ship of the Italian Navy’s FREMM frigates recently accomplished a first for the Italian Navy by launching the Aster 30 missile at the Italian Quirra firing range on November 22.

By firing the missile, Fincantieri-built frigate Carlo Bergamini tested the SAAM ESD (surface anti air missile – extended self defense) system that is based on the Aster missile.

According to the Italian Navy, the testing phase of the missile defense system will conclude with another launch that will be integrated with the ship’s combat system. The launch is scheduled for April 2017.

SAAM-ESD is an air defense system consisting of multi-function radar and Sylver A50 vertical launchers that can accommodate up to 16 missiles including Aster 15 and 30; the scope of the Aster 30, which has a longer range range than the Aster 15, enables extended defense of the area and can be protected.

The system is developed jointly by France and Italy by Eurosam, a joint venture established in June 1989 by three major European aerospace companies (Aerospatiale, Alenia and Thomson-CSF) known today as MBDA Missile Systems and Thales.

The Aster 30, at 430 kilos, is 120 kilos heavies than the Aster 15 and has a longer range which, according to MBDA exceeds 100 km.