Spanish F-100 frigate concludes air operations integration

Spanish Navy’s F-100 frigate Álvaro de Bazán returned to her home port after integrating into the Defense and Air Operations Command (MDOA in its Spanish initials).

The purpose of this deployment was to conduct air surveillance and naval presence in several western Mediterranean areas.

F-100 frigates, with their SPY-1D multifunction radar and AEGIS combat system, regularly integrate into the MDOA.

The ships’ systems provide capabilities for search and air detection enabling them to contribute to the national air defense system.

They complement the Air Force air surveillance squadrons and the Army anti-air defense units.

The ‘Álvaro de Bazán’ is the first of five F-100 frigates the Spanish Navy operates. She was built in Ferrol and delivered to the Spanish Navy in 2002.

This is the second time the Álvaro de Bazán integrates into the Defense and Air Operations Command; the first one took place in the Cantabrian Sea last September.