LM2500 marine gas turbines to power Indian Navy’s P17A stealth frigate

The Indian Navy’s new P17A stealth frigates that are to start construction next year will be powered by LM2500 marine gas turbines, GE’s Marine Solutions announced.

The gas turbines will be provided by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Industrial and Marine Gas Turbine division, Bangalore, India under license from GE.

The Indian Navy will build seven next-generation P17A frigates at Mazagon Dock and GRSE. The new ships are a follow-on to the Shivalik-class P17 program.

“GE’s in-country partner HAL already has delivered 11 LM2500 gas turbines to the Indian Navy, including those that power three P17 frigates Shivalik, Satpura and Sahyadri launched in April 2003, June 2004, and May 2005, respectively,” GE’s marine operations vice president Brien Bolsinger said.

HAL will assemble and test the LM2500 gas turbines prior to installation. Licensed by GE, HAL will also provide service and support including inspection, spare parts, maintenance and equipment overhauls for GE industrial and marine gas turbines.

The same gas turbines will also power the Indian Navy’s P-71 indigenous aircraft carrier , GE noted, adding that delivery is expected by the end of 2018. Vikrant will be the Indian Navy’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier once it is completed. It was launched in August 2013.