Fincantieri establishes Australian subsidiary

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri said it has established an Australian subsidiary and announced the opening of a new Australian headquarters in Canberra soon.

Fincantieri was short-listed by the Australian government to bid to design and build nine, new frigates for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Dario Deste has been designated chairman of Fincantieri Australia and he will be supported by former Rear Admiral, Mark Purcell.

Deste said Fincantieri Australia will now manage the shipbuilder’s participation in the competitive evaluation process for the SEA 5000 Future Frigates programme.

“The FREMM Frigate we are offering is an absolute cutting-edge product. The company will engage with government, businesses involved in the Australian shipbuilding industry and the supply chain, and other key players with a stake in the construction of the frigates in Adelaide, South Australia,” Deste said.

Furthermore, Italy is sending a FREMM frigate to Australia in January and February next year. According to a report by DefenseNews, the promotional tour is financed by Fincantieri.

In April 2016, Australia shortlisted three European shipbuilders to provide designs for nine Australian Future Frigates. The three companies are British BAE Systems with its Type 26 frigate design, Italian Fincantieri and its FREMM design and the Spanish Navantia which is to upgrade its F100 frigate design.

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