Raytheon gets $64.4M for CIWS design engineering and support

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The U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command has awarded Raytheon a $64.6 million contract for design agent engineering and technical support services for the Phalanx close-in weapon system (CIWS), SeaRAM, and land-based Phalanx weapon system.

CIWS is a fast-reaction terminal defense against low- and high-flying, high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missile threats that have penetrated all other defenses.

The system is an integral element of the fleet defense in-depth concept and the ship self-defense program.

Operating either autonomously or integrated with a combat system, it is an automatic terminal defense weapon system designed to detect, track, engage, and destroy anti-ship missile threats penetrating outer defense envelopes.

According to the department of defense, this contract involves foreign military sales to Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Portugal and Greece. It also has options which, if exercised, could bring the contract value to $398.6 million.


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