Boeing gets $207M for Harpoon missile production

The U.S. Naval Air Systems Command has awarded Boeing a $207.5 million contract to produce 51 Harpoon weapon systems components, and spares for the governments of Egypt, Korea and Brazil.

Egypt is getting 20 of the anti-ship missile systems, South Korea 19 and Brazil 12.

The countries are acquiring the systems through the U.S. foreign military sales program.

The contract will also see Boeing deliver system components to the U.S. Navy and the governments of Japan, Australia, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, and Taiwan.

The Harpoon is an all- weather, over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile system in service with 28 nations.

First introduced in 1977, it has been upgraded over the years and is now available as the Harpoon Block II. It also led to the development of the standoff land attack missile (SLAM) and subsequently the SLAM expanded response (SLAM-ER).

Boeing says it has delivered more than 7,000 Harpoon missiles worldwide.