Spanish, Pakistan Navy ships meet in Gulf of Aden

Spanish Navy’s offshore patrol vessel ESPS Relámpago, currently part of the European Union Naval Force, met in the Gulf of Aden with Task Force 151 Pakistan Navy Ship, PNS Tariq on January 1.

During the meeting, crewmembers from both ships cross-decked to the other in order to meet and share common procedures used in the area of operations.

On board Relampago, Spanish and Pakistani Navy boarding teams carried out a joint boarding exercise, sharing knowledge and procedures.

Later, both ships conducted communications and navigation manoeuvres, before finishing with a fast roping exercise from Relámpago’s SH60B SeaHawk helicopter.

Once all exercises were completed, both commanding officers met on board PNS Tariq, where both spoke of the importance of cooperation and coordination to ensure Somali-based piracy remains suppressed.