Royal Navy’s HMS Clyde on two-month break in South Africa

Royal Navy’s River-class patrol vessel HMS Clyde in late December arrived to South Africa on what is scheduled to be a two months long port visit.

Clyde reached Simon’s Town on December 23 and will stay there until February 20, 2017.

Simon’s town is the home of the South African Navy; it is located on False Bay and only a short distance from Cape Town.

Royal Navy ships regularly make port calls in the port as it has proven to be an ideal location within the area of operations to conduct maintenance, stores and personnel transfers.

Type 23 frigate HMS Portland recently spent a month in Simonstown and Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Gold Rover left the naval base for one final time on November 8. Gold Rover is set to be decommissioned later this year.

Commissioned into the Royal Navy in January 2007, HMS Clyde is a River-class patrol vessel tasked with patrolling the Falkland Islands region.

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