Royal Marines train with Indian Navy during Konkan 2017

Royal Marines recently got an opportunity to train with the Indian Navy during a joint maritime security exercise.

Named Konkan, the exercise is an annual military drill conducted between the Royal Navy and Indian Navy.

This year, the week-long exercise focused on maritime security and, in particular, boarding operations.

Colonel Jock Fraser MBE, the Commanding Officer of the Clyde-based Royal Marines from 43 Commando fleet protection group, visited the exercise and also gave a presentation on the UK’s amphibious capability to the Indian Staff College.

“I am delighted that Royal Marines from 43 Commando have been able to carry out this joint exercise with the Indian Navy,” said Colonel Fraser.

“The exercise has given us an opportunity to learn a lot from each other regarding the tactics and procedures necessary to effectively conduct specialist maritime boarding operations anywhere in the world. I would like to thank the Indian Navy for the very warm welcome we have received.”

Training consisted of joint boarding exercises as well as close-quarter battle and casualty evacuation training. Both the Royal Marine and Indian Navy personnel benefited from the opportunity to compare training, tactics and procedures.

Although their primary mission is to safeguard the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent, 43 Commando regularly provide Royal Marine boarding and maritime sniper teams to Royal Navy ships deployed on counter-piracy, counter-narcotics and maritime interdiction operations around the world.

Most recently, a Royal Marine sniper from 43 Commando, operating from Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ship Wave Knight, assisted in the seizure of more than £40m worth of cocaine in the Caribbean.