EU starts second phase of Libyan Navy and Coast Guard maritime training

Maritime law and operations training that EU and Libyan Navy and Coast Guard started in October 2016 entered the second phase on January 30, EUNAVFOR announced.

Delivered by EUNAVFOR’s Mediterranean Sea mission called operation called Sophia, the training will continue in a maritime training centre in Crete, Greece.

Twenty Libyan Navy Coast Guard and Libyan Navy trainees will receive training in areas including maritime legal aspects, human rights and raising gender awareness, as well as search and rescue operations.

The second package will be delivered throughout 2017 in a variety of locations in the Mediterranean area, EUNAVFOR said noting that the trainees are senior officers at the rank of Captain or Commodore.

The training was first agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding last 23 August 2016, by EUNAVFOR MED operation commander, Rear Admiral (UH) Enrico Credendino, and the Commander of the Libyan Navy Coast Guard and Port Security, Commodore Abdalh Toumia.

On 26 October 2016, the first 78 Libyan Navy Coast Guard and Libyan Navy trainees embarked on board the EU training vessels, following the Council Decision to train the Libyan personnel in coast guard functions.

The overall objective of the training is to enhance their capability to disrupt smuggling and trafficking in Libya and to perform search and rescue activities, aimed at saving lives and improving security in the Libyan territorial waters.