Four-nation drill Unified Trident starts in Persian Gulf

Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, French Marine Nationale and U.S. Navy ships started the multilateral exercise Unified Trident on January 31.

The drill will take place in the international waters of the Persian Gulf and incorporate all forms of maritime operations.

The exercise will be led by Commander Task Force (CTF) 50, Commodore Andrew Burns OBE Royal Navy.

“The region’s strategic waterways are a global commons for the free flow of food, consumer goods, raw materials and energy for nations across the globe,” the Commodore said from aboard the Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean.

“Multilateral exercises, including Unified Trident, provide an opportunity for partner nations to come together and share knowledge and experiences, maintain readiness, and enhance our ability to work together,” he added. “The exercise will also improve cooperation to ensure the free flow of commerce.”

Unified Trident incorporates all US Naval Forces Central Command’s Task Forces, led by CTF 50, embarked on HMS Ocean.

A total of 17 ships and multiple aircraft from the four allied nations will participate in the drill. Concluding Feb. 2, Unified Trident will test the task force against a number of conventional and unconventional maritime and air threats to ensure that the operational readiness of this forward deployed contingent capability is maintained at the highest level.

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