HMS Example hosts historical tour

Royal Navy patrol boat HMS Example provided crew, students and guests with an opportunity to visit several historical sites of maritime significance in Newcastle and Tynemouth as part of an historical tour laid on by the Port of Tyne.

The P2000 dropped guests off at Tynemouth Lighthouse and Newcastle Swing Bridge for tours of the wonders of engineering.

The tour began on board HMS Example which was moored alongside HMS Calliope.

Guests on board for the historical tour included the Harbour Master and Deputy Harbour Master of the Port of Tyne; the Deputy Master of Trinity House On board; the Chairman of Derwenthaugh Marina; the Head of Security at Port of Tyne and many others including some RNR personnel from HMS Calliope.

The program started with a transit along the River Tyne to the Harbour Master’s jetty in Tynemouth, followed by a visit to the Tynemouth Pier Lighthouse.

Students and staff were invited inside the lighthouse where they received an interesting account of its history and operational use by a tour guide from the Port of Tyne.

This was followed by an excellent offer to climb the many steps to the top of the lighthouse; crew, affiliate guests and students alike were able to spend a few minutes taking in the spectacular views across the entrance to the River Tyne.

HMS Example sailed back along the River Tyne to HMS Calliope where the tour continued.

HMS Example’s Commanding Officer said: “The day was a great way to re-build our relations with HMS Example’s affiliates including Trinity House & Port of Tyne, what better way to bring together these three maritime organisations than an historical maritime tour of the River we all share.”

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