German Maritime Safety and Security Centre officially opens

German authorities have received a new centre that will allow a number of authorities to work together, integrated into the Maritime Safety and Security Centre.

The centre was officially opened during a ceremony in Cuxhaven on February 9.

The Maritime Safety and Security Centre has been acting as the communication and cooperation network for the operational forces of the Federal Government and the German coastal states to ensure maritime safety and security since 2007.

Different specialist capabilities have been grouped together in the Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Centre Sea (GLZ-See) for this period of time and operations are coordinated on the basis of common situational awareness.

About 100 employees, including shift workers, are working in this newly built facility within the area of the waterways and shipping department Cuxhaven.

The Maritime Safety and Security Centre is responsible for the entire German coast and all water access routes.

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food, Federal Police Department, Central Customs Authority, German Navy, Central Command for Maritime Emergencies, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, and the Waterways Police forces of the German federal and coastal states are operating together through this centre.

Austrian high-tech company Frequentis acted as the technical prime contractor and delivered its communication solution ASGARD, the entire IT solution, media technology and the dedicated furniture.

“The exchange of information between all facilities involved in the Maritime Safety and Security Centre Cuxhaven has been intensified and accelerated. The deployment of the communication system ASGARD helped to promote this further. Frequentis delivered at cost, on time and with a very professional project management”, said Hannes Mahler, deputy administration manager at the Maritime Safety and Security Centre.

“We are very proud to be part of this unique Maritime control centre and to bring in our cross-industry expertise to support all of the authorities working together to enhance the security and safety for the German coast and sea”, added Dr. Reinhard Grimm, managing director of Frequentis Germany.