Italian transport dock ITS San Giorgio ends Operation Sophia deployment

Italian Navy amphibious transport dock ITS San Giorgio wrapped up her participation in the EU-led operation Sophia and headed home on February 14.

ITS San Giorgio had been part of the maritime group from October 22, 2016, and was in charge of training Libyan Coast Guard and Navy personnel in no-combat skills at sea, in particular to counter human smuggling and trafficking.

During this period, 89 Libyan trainees completed the first training period thanks to specialized teams of trainers and translators, with the cooperation of other European agencies such as FRONTEX, UNHCR, IOM and CISOM (Corpo Italiano di Soccorso dell’Ordine Di Malta). Furthermore, the Italian Guardia di Finanza contributed with their patrol boats with the first phase of training.

The first 89 trainees will become future instructors of the Libyan Navy Coast Guard and Libyan Navy. The training was focused on international humanitarian law, human rights, international maritime law, maritime safety and security, marine environmental protection, search and rescue, fishery control and language skills (English).

ITS San Giorgio is now sailing toward her homeport of Brindisi where it is expected to arrive in the following days.