Indonesian PKR frigates feature Bakker Sliedrecht auxiliary propulsion

Dutch company Bakker Sliedrecht was responsible for the electrical auxiliary propulsion system installed on the first of two Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) guided missile frigates built for the Indonesian Navy Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding.

Key components of the electrical auxiliary propulsion system are two electric propulsion motors and two water-cooled variable-frequency drives with active front ends. Both frequency drives are cooled by one water-cool unit to save weight, space and costs.

After assembling the electrical drive systems in Bakker Sliedrecht workshop, the installations were delivered to Damen Shipyards were one of the ship segments was build. Damen installed the electrical propulsion system after which Bakker Sliedrecht conducted an installation check on the finished ship segmented. Then, the ship segment was shipped to Indonesia were all ship segments were connected to each other.

Each frequency drive is connected to the vessel’s power grid, without the use of a transformer, to save weight and space. Without certain measures, this direct (conductive) coupling can cause unwanted effects on sensitive operational equipment connected to the grid.

Bakker Sliedrecht participated in the sea trials that took place in Indonesian waters to verify the performance of the electrical auxiliary propulsion system.