Lockheed Martin to relocate US Fleet Ballistic Missile program

U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin announced plans on Thursday to relocate the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) program within its Space Systems business area, citing cost savings and expertise concentration as the main reason.

The move was earlier approved by the government.

Over the next eight years, the company plans to move approximately 650 positions from its Space Systems facility in Sunnyvale, California, to other Lockheed Martin locations in the U.S. Sites in Florida and Colorado, which have complementary facilities.

Most employees will be offered the opportunity to retain their current positions and relocate to the receiving facility, the company said in the announcement.

“We value the deep expertise of our employees, and we’re working diligently to shape a transition that leverages the knowledge of this team,” said Rick Ambrose, executive vice president, Lockheed Martin Space Systems. “Reshaping our Fleet Ballistic Missile program will help us take full advantage of our engineering and manufacturing facilities and centralize key skills, saving costs for the Navy on this critical national security program.”