Rosborough Boats to build multi-role rescue boats for Canadian AOPS

Irving Shipbuilding has awarded Nova Scotia-based Rosborough Boats a $7.3 million contract to build multi-role rescue boats for the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS).

Rosborough Boats will construct two of their Rough Water 8.5 metre rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB) for each of the six AOPS vessels being constructed at Irving Shipbuilding’s Halifax Shipyard as part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS).

When deployed, the RHIBs primary roles will be as a fast rescue boat, for marshalling and towing lifeboats, and deploying and supporting the Royal Canadian Navy’s enhanced naval boarding party.

The AOPS vessels are the first ships to be built under Irving Shipbuilding’s NSS combat vessels package.

“Our contract with Rosborough Boats brings together two multi-generational family-owned shipbuilders that are growing, modernizing and having a significant economic impact in Nova Scotia and across Canada as a result of the National Shipbuilding Strategy,” Irving Shipbuilding president Kevin McCoy said. “As Canada’s chosen shipbuilder for Navy Combatants, we’re proud to work with companies like Rosborough Boats in building the Royal Canadian Navy’s future fleet.”

Irving Shipbuilding is currently constructing Canada’s first two AOPS, the future HMCS Harry DeWolf and the future HMCS Margaret Brooke. The first AOPS is scheduled to be delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy in 2018.