Reawakened Royal Navy amphibious assault ship welcomes new commander

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Royal Navy’s amphibious assault ship HMS Albion welcomed her new captain on March 14 at HM Naval Base Devonport.

Captain Tim Neild assumed command as the warship is preparing to move from a docks basin to the river in Plymouth.

HMS Albion recently welcomed aboard her first sailors and marines in almost six years as the ship was mothballed in 2011, just eight years after she had joined the fleet.

“It’s an enormous privilege to be captain of the UK’s high-readiness amphibious capability and lead a team of such highly professional sailors and Royal Marines,’’ Captain Tim Neild said.

Neild has commanded warships at every level ranging from patrol vessels and minehunters to frigates, as well as holding senior staff positions in the Amphibious Task Group and Naval Command Headquarters in Portsmouth.

The new captain and his crew now ensure the ship emerges successfully from her two years of a complex refit and four years in extended readiness.

The next phase will be operational training under the staff of Flag Officer Sea Training ahead of re-entering operational service with the fleet in 2018.

The date of his supersession almost coincides with the date HMS Albion was launched from Barrow-in-Furness by her Lady Sponsor, the Princess Royal, 16 years ago on the 9 March 2001.

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