USS Nimitz hosts deputy SECDEF

Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work visited the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) as part of a scheduled visit, on April 4th.

Work visited Nimitz to meet with leadership and observe and discuss Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 11 capabilities and training as they prepare for an upcoming 2017 deployment.

Nimitz is currently undergoing Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX), which is intended to fully integrate CSG 11 and test the Sailors with complex real-world scenarios. COMPTUEX is the final step in proving the strike group’s operational capability before deployment.

The visit allowed Work to convene with Commander, CSG 11 Rear Adm. William Byrne, Nimitz’ Commanding Officer Capt. Kevin Lenox and the rest of Nimitz’ chain of command.

Work also visited with warfare commanders and Commander, CSG 15 Rear Adm. Ross Myers, who are evaluating CSG 11 on their COMPTUEX performance.

“Being able to come out and see how the air wing and Nimitz is doing is a special treat,” said Work.

During the visit, Work got the opportunity to tour the ship’s bridge, primary flight control and various other spaces to observe flight operations and the ship’s COMPTUEX operations.

“We really have a spectacular group of young men and women who are serving this country,” said Work. “My thanks go out to everyone who volunteered to serve their nation. I wish Nimitz the best of luck with the rest of COMPTUEX and I wish them the best of luck on deployment.”

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