UK MoD awards MBDA £539M in missile contracts

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded missile manufacturer MBDA a total of £539 million worth of contracts for delivery of new and service of existing missiles in the UK armed forces.

More specifically, the contract will see MBDA deliver the Meteor air-to-air missiles for the F-35B jets that will operate from the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier.

The weapon will enter service on Typhoon with the RAF in 2018 and the F-35B from 2024, and will be used on a range of missions including protecting the QE carriers.

Another new missile that the company is to deliver is the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) which will provide the armed forces with missiles for use on sea and on land.

According to the ministry of defence, CAMM will have the capability to defend against anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and other sophisticated threats. CAMM will provide the anti-air defence capability on the new Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy and will also form part of the Sea Ceptor weapon system on the Type 23 frigate and will also enhance the British Army’s ground based air defense capability by replacing the in-service Rapier system.

Finally, a £175 million in-service support contract for the anti-air Sea Viper weapon system will ensure that the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers can continue to provide unparalleled protection from air attack to the extended fleet.

Under the contract, the missiles will be maintained, repaired and overhauled as and when required to ensure continued capability. The Sea Viper missile defends ships against multiple threats, including missiles and fighter aircraft.

“This substantial investment in missile systems is vital in protecting our ships and planes from the most complex global threats as our Armed Forces keep the UK safe,” Secretary of State, Michael Fallon, said announcing the contracts.


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