Australian Navy denies reports of improper LHD maintenance

Responding to an article about faulty maintenance works on the Australian Navy’s two biggest warships, Australia’s deputy chief of navy said the article was “incorrect and misleading in its assertions”.

The Daily Telegraph published an article which claimed the reason for the breakdown of the Canberra-class landing helicopter docks was due to improper maintenance work carried out on the two ships.

This was disputed by the navy in an “on the record” release, wherein the navy said HMA Ships Canberra and Adelaide were maintained and operated in accordance with the builders specifications, including the oils and lubricants used in their operation.

It was further said that the defence’s leadership was not “baffled” (as the Daily Telegraph article stated) by these emergent issues, adding that it was still too early to determine the full extent of this emergent work. Defence has, and continues to work closely with industry and the original equipment manufacturers, Navantia, Siemens and BAE, to identify the root cause of the issues and develop the most appropriate repair strategy.

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