NATO SNMG1 ships visit Germany

Ships from NATO’s Standing Maritime Group one (SNMG1) arrived in Warnemünde, Germany, for a scheduled port visit on April 28.

The group is currently on a deployment to the Baltic Sea.

SNMG1 has, during the past months, participated in several multinational exercises off the coast of Norway and Great Britain, enhancing warfare skills and capabilities.

”Through complex and challenging exercises we improve our military capabilities and reduce our reaction time, keeping the SNMG1 at a high level of readiness,” said Commander SNMG1, Commodore Ole Morten Sandquist.

Warnemünde marks the group’s first visit to the Baltics this year. For the upcoming period the SNMG1 will be present in the Baltic Sea.

”We look forward to engage and train with close allies as well as key partners in the Baltic region”, said Sandquist. ”SNMG1 aims to utilize every opportunity to strengthen our collective defence, by enhancing Alliance capability and interoperability through close cooperation with local navies.”

SNMG1 is currently composed of the NATO group flagship, Norwegian frigate HNoMS Roald Amundsen, and the Spanish frigate ESPS Reina Sofia. “Reina Sofia” however did not berth at Warnemünde for the weekend.

HNoMS Roald Amundsen was open and welcomed visitors aboard on Sunday.