Amphibious drill on hold after French landing craft runs aground off Guam

The French Navy-led amphibious drill taking place off Guam was postponed after a French Navy landing craft ran aground during an evolution, AP reported.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Joint Region Marianas Chief of Staff Capt. Jeff Grimes said he could not say when the drill would resume.

Named Jeanne D’Arc, the annual, multi-day training event was to include vertical assaults, amphibious raids, close quarter engagement techniques and urban patrolling.

Approximately 100 U.S. Marines from 3rd Marine Division joined forces from France, Japan and British Royal Marine Commandos for the drill. Marines were to embark French amphibious assault ship FS Mistral for the beach landing portions of the exercise.

Jeanne D’Arc is part of a French Navy task force comprised of amphibious assault ship FS Mistral and La Fayette-class frigate FS Courbet which started their five-month amphibious deployment in March 2017.

Grimes noted that the grounding incident was under investigation and that exercises could be resumed once it concludes. No one on board the landing craft was injured.

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