First Australian Navy sailors graduate combined electronic warfare course

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Royal Australian Navy’s first electronic warfare course combining submarine and surface fleet trainees graduated from the School of Maritime Warfare on Sydney Harbour’s south head, HMAS Watson on May 5.

Electronic warfare is the ability to collect electronic intelligence across the electromagnet spectrum and 12 sailors undertook the 17-week course that taught the basics.

Chief Petty Officer Electronics Warfare Justin Downey-Price, Chief Instructor in Electronic Warfare at the School of Maritime Warfare said the combined course has delivered a base level of integration between the two branches.

“There used to be no real interaction between the electronic warfare submariners and electronic warfare surface sailors,” he said. “The submariners were taught in the west and surface sailors in the east. Now the Navy can generate greater collective efforts in the field.

“The basic course is the same, so by combining the two we gain benefits not only in resourcing but we find the students get consistency with their training,” Chief Petty Officer Downey-Price said.

“If at a later date the students want to pursue a career in the other aspects of electronic warfare, they will also find it easier to transition.”

The basic course includes theory, practical analysis and reporting.

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