Australia, Indonesia conclude 2017 coordinated maritime patrol

Defense forces from Australia and Indonesia concluded the coordinated maritime patrol AUSINDO CORPAT 2017 on Monday in Darwin, Australia.

The joint operation, aimed at stopping illegal fishing and improving regional security, began in Benoa, Bali on 27 May and covered waters between Australia and Indonesia over a 10 day period.

The combined operation targeted the unlawful exploitation of natural resources with a focus on illegal fishing along the shared maritime boundary.

Commander Maritime Border Command, Rear Admiral Peter Laver said the operation had significantly contributed to regional security and enhanced each country’s ability to fight illicit activity in their shared maritime domains.

“As neighbours in a dynamic region, Australia and Indonesia’s defence relationship is vital. We have a mutual and abiding interest in the security and stability of waters between our countries and the free movement of trade and investment through these domains,” Rear Admiral Laver said.

Exercises were conducted by the two nations’ defence forces over five days in the lead up to AUSINDO CORPAT 2017.

Armidale-class patrol boats, HMA Ships Bathurst and Glenelg, and an AP-3C Orion aircraft took part from the ADF. The Indonesian Armed Forces contributed two naval vessels, KRI Hiu and Pandrong, and a maritime patrol aircraft.

This was the seventh iteration of the exercise.