Video: Israel tests LORA missile in cargo ship launch

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced on June 20 a successful test firing of the LORA (Long-Range Artillery weapon system) from a cargo ship towards a pre-planned target.

The tested missile is a long-range tactical ground-to-ground missile developed by IAI’s MALAM division.

The weapon system was positioned on a naval vessel far out in the sea to allow the company to demonstrate the missile’s range of stated 400 km.

According to IAI, the 1,600 kg missile boasts a precision range of “10 meters or better”.

Boaz Levi, executive vice president and general manager of systems, Missiles & Space Group said: “This was one of the most complex trails we held over the past few years and a technological breakthrough for IAI’s missile development operations. The trail was held according to a full operational outline, including an assessment of the system’s maneuvering, assault and precision capabilities. The impressive results attest for the system’s maturity and advanced capabilities.” Levy added, “I would like to thank Israel’s navy, air force, SIBAT and Ministry of Defense for the unusual collaboration which was reflected in the outstanding system performance in this trail.”