Spanish F100 frigate concludes NATO SNMG2 stint

Spanish Navy’s Aegis-equipped frigate ESPS Blas de Lezo has concluded her deployment to NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) and is scheduled to arrive at her home port in Ferrol, Spain, next Saturday.

During her deployment, the F100 frigate served as flagship of the Sub-Group TU.02 operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

This sub group is currently under command of Spanish Navy Captain Rubén Rodríguez Peña.

During her deployment, the F-103 took part in several multinational exercises like Mare Aperto 17 in Italy and Flotex 17 in Spanish waters, visiting many European and North African ports.

NATO’s standing groups are rapid reaction forces with ample capabilities and high levels of readiness and training.

The Blas de Lezo left her homeport for deployment on April 29. With a company of more than 200 people under command of Cdr. Juan María Ibáñez, the ship embarked an SH-60B helicopter and a Marine Corps Security Team.