NATO research vessel ‘Alliance’ starts Arctic campaign High North 17

The Italian Navy-operated NATO research vessel ‘Alliance’ started a 20-day Arctic Ocean campaign during which scientists will carry out geophysics, marine geology and oceanography research.

Dubbed High North 17, the campaign will be joined by scientists from Italian and international organizations including the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation.

RV Alliance departed Reykjavik, Iceland, on July 11 embarking on a 1250 nautical mile journey to the coasts of the Norwegian island of Svalbard where the research will be conducted.

Once the campaign concludes, RV Alliance is scheduled to pull into the Norwegian port of Tromsø on July 27.

The 93 meters long RV Alliance is used for underwater research and experiments in all oceans, including the polar margins of the North Atlantic. Fitted with 400 square meters of laboratory space, Alliance features extensive and sophisticated navigation, communications and computer equipment.

According to NATO, the vessel has been designed for eight different noise states, the quietest one operating on batteries. An auxiliary gas turbine generator provides the lowest noise propulsion option, leading up to the full complement of diesel electric generators allowing the vessel to tow twenty tonnes at twelve knots.