Authorities detain ship chartered to hamper migrant rescue in the Med

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Authorities have reportedly surrounded and detained a ship chartered to obstruct migrant-rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

The vessel in question is the ‘C-Star’ and was chartered by an organization called Defend Europe which aims to prevent migrants reaching Europe through the Mediterranean Sea route.

Authorities have now detained the vessel in Port Suez, however, according to UK political action group HOPE not hate.

According to the organization, which quoted a Suez Canal Authority employee, C-Star was arrested by the security authorities as it’s master could not provide satisfactory documentation and papers.

The detainment reportedly took place on July 20 and latest ship-tracking data shows the vessel still at anchor in Port Suez. The Defend Europe group, through its Facebook page, denied the reports saying that the “ship was controlled and as nothing was found, our mission to defend Europe goes on”.

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