Republic of Korea Navy receives second LST-II landing ship ‘Cheon Ja Bong’

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The Republic of Korea Navy received its new landing ship on August 1, according to an announcement from the country’s arms procurement agency DAPA.

The Hyundai Heavy Industries-built ship is named ‘Cheon Ja Bong’ and is the second of overall four LST ships to be delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy.

Cheon Wang Bong, the lead ship in the class, was delivered in 2014. The new class of ships, also referred to as LST-II ships, will complement the country’s existing Go Jun Bong-class (LST-I) ships.

According to DAPA, the new LST-II ships displace 4,500 tons and travel at speeds of up to 23 knots. They are capable of carrying 300 landing troops, three landing craft, two tanks and eight amphibious assault vehicles. The agency added that the ship is capable of operating two helicopters.

Cheon Ja Bong started construction in 2013 and was delivered to the navy after completing sea trials. It will now be boarded by its future crew which will prepare to operate the ship once it is commissioned at the end of the year.

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