Egyptian, Hellenic Navy in aeronautical drills in the Med

Ships, submarines and aircraft from the navies of Greece and Egypt started training activities as part of the bilateral exercise Medusa 1/2017.

The aero-nautical exercise runs from July 30 to August 3 and is being held in the Mediterranean Sea in waters north of Cairo, as well as in Alexandria Naval Base and Jinklees Air Base.

Hellenic Navy units taking part include Hydra-class frigate HS Spetsai, Elli-class frigate HS Kanaris, a submarine and a range of aircraft.

Egyptian Navy ships participating in the drills include the Mistral-class landing helicopter dock Anwar El-Sadat, FREMM frigate Tahya Misr, and the recently commissioned submarine S 41.

Units will take part in surface, anti-submarine and anti-air warfare exercises, in addition to search and rescue drills, gunfire exercises and maritime interdiction operations training.