Australian Navy ship locates crashed US Marine Osprey

A Royal Australian Navy vessel has located the MV-22 Osprey aircraft which crashed in Shoalwater Bay on Saturday leaving three marines missing and presumed dead.

The Australian defense ministry on Monday announced that survey ship HMAS Melville located the aircraft.

Preparations are now underway for dive teams to recover the submerged aircraft. Recovery operations using a remote operating vehicle will start on Monday evening.

“I want to thank the Australian Defence Force, and the crew of the HMAS Melville in particular, for their assistance in the search and recovery effort of our MV-22 that went down off the coast of Australia,” said LtGen Lawrence Nicholson, Commanding General, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “They volunteered their help before we could even ask, demonstrating their friendship and value as international partners. The crew of the Melville and its assets have been invaluable in the recovery effort. On behalf of the Marines, sailors, and families of III MEF, I thank you for your support.”