Egypt officially receives second Type 209 submarine from German TKMS

The Egyptian Navy received its second Type 209/1400 submarine, the S42, from German shipbuilder Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems in a ceremony on Tuesday in Kiel.

After the delivery ceremony, S42 is expected to start its journey to Egypt in September.

The ceremony took place four months after Egypt welcomed its first submarine S41 to the naval base in Alexandria, on April 19.

S42 was launched in December 2016 as the second of four submarines TKMS is to build for the Egyptian Navy.

Egypt initially ordered two Type-209/1400mod submarines in 2011 and later ordered two more in 2014.

The HDW Class 209/1400mod submarine is the most recent version of the HDW Class 209 export “family”. TKMS currently has 14 navies on contract for the delivery of this type of submarines.

According to media reports, the contract for the first two boats was worth around 900 million euros while the contract for the second two submarines is estimated at well over 500 million Euro.

Egypt is acquiring the boats to replace its ageing Romeo-class submarines.