HMCS Charlottetown sets sail for Europe and NATO SNMG1 integration

Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Charlottetown left her homeport in Halifax and headed for Europe where she will join navy ships from several countries for a six-month deployment to NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 1.

On her second deployment under the Canadian Navy’s operation Reassurance, HMCS Charlottetown replaces HMCS St. John’s, which arrived in her home port of Halifax on July 17, 2017, after a six-month deployment.

During her first deployment in support of operation Reassurance, HMCS Charlottetown conducted maritime security operations and joint NATO training exercises between June 2016 and January 2017, in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean, Aegean and Baltic Seas, as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2).

HMCS Charlottetown is a Halifax-class frigate with a crew of approximately 240 personnel of all ranks, including an Enhanced Naval Boarding Party and a CH-124 Sea King helicopter air detachment.

“The highly trained and professional ship’s company is well prepared to meet the challenges of this mission,” HMCS Charlottetown commanding officer Commander Jeff Hutt said. “HMCS Charlottetown is committed to further increase the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to work alongside our Allies, contribute to enhancing NATO readiness, and help strengthen international and regional stability.”