Canadian Naval Security Team training with Republic of Fiji Navy

A Royal Canadian Navy naval security team (NST) of approximately a dozen sailors deployed from Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt to Fiji to conduct force generation training with the Republic of Fiji Navy.

This deployment is part of the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN’s) Poseidon Cutlass series of deployments and provides a persistent Canadian Asia Pacific presence.

The NST is a new Canadian Navy capability primarily tasked with protecting Canadian Navy ships and sailors while on deployment. The team’s tasks include port force protection and host nation liaison, along with support and intelligence requirements in foreign ports.

According to the RCN, NST is composed primarily of naval reservists and will include a full-time command team to ensure personnel, training and equipment are available for deployment.

“The deployment of the Naval Security Team to Fiji will enable them to collaborate with members of the Maritime Tactical Operations Group to exchange perspectives and lessons learned with the Republic of Fiji Navy,” Rear-Admiral Art McDonald, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific, said. “Their participation in exercises, demonstrations and discussions will be an invaluable opportunity to strengthen relations and further develop Naval Security Team capabilities and those of the host nation’s participating forces.”