Rauma brings in Deltamarin for Finnish Navy’s Squadron 2020 design work

After signing a 7.5 million euro contract to design the Finnish Navy’s four Squadron 2020 project multirole corvettes, Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) is bringing in Deltamarin Ltd for help with design work.

The two companies signed contracts for the basic design of deck outfitting and machinery for the Squadron 2020 vessels.

The work will be done in Rauma and Turku and will last until spring 2018.

“Deltamarin is well-known for passenger ship designs, especially ro-pax ferries, and cargo ship designs, for example bulk carriers and special vessels. However, over the years we have also participated in several navy and coastguard projects. We are now very proud to have the opportunity to be involved in this modernisation project for the Finnish Navy fleet,” says Janne Uotila, Director, Engineering & Concept Development at Deltamarin.

Squadron 202 vessels are expected to be capable of surface warfare operations, naval mine and anti-submarine warfare, in addition to command and control capabilities and the ability to stay at sea for prolonged times in all weather and ice conditions.

In addition to minelayer FNS Pohjanmaa, which has already been decommissioned, the vessels of the Squadron 2020 project will replace four fast attack missile craft of the Rauma class and two minelayers of the Hämeenmaa class. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be 1.2 billion euros.

Finland plans to sign the shipbuilding contracts in 2019 while first naval engineering tests are scheduled for 2020. According to plans, the last ship should be handed over to the Finnish Defence Forces in 2024.


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