SEA to deliver torpedo launchers for new Philippine Navy frigates

The Philippine Navy’s two new frigates, currently under construction at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, are to be fitted with torpedo launcher systems (TLS) delivered by British company SEA.

Announcing the contract on September 11, the company said the systems will be similar to those in service with the Royal Navy and those being supplied to the navies of Malaysia and Thailand.

It is unique in that it can be configured to fire any NATO standard light weight torpedo, enabling operators to benefit from the flexibility of choosing the best weapon independently and the option of switching during the life of the ship.

The SEA TLS comprises port and starboard triple tubes on a rotating base and utilises composite materials for low signature. The electronics are designed for ease of combat system integration and can also be used in an independent mode.

The equipment will be manufactured at SEA’s facilities at Barnstaple in the UK from where the first system is set to be delivered to HHI in late 2018.

HHI is building two 2,600 ton frigates for the Philippine Navy under a $327.0m contract signed in October 2016.

The frigates are designed as a smaller version of the Incheon-class frigate which is already in service with the Republic of Korea Navy.

According to HHI, the 107 meter frigates will be propelled with a CODAD (Combined Diesel and Diesel) propulsion system reaching maximum speeds of 25 knots.

With a projected range of 4,500 nautical miles range at a cruising speed of 15 knots, the ships will be operable up to Sea State 5. The first frigate is scheduled for delivery in 2020.

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