Peruvian Navy decommissions ‘Almirante Grau’, picks frigate ‘Montero’ as new flagship

The Peruvian Navy decommissioned its long-time flagship B.A.P. Almirante Grau after 45 years of service during a ceremony on September 26.

B.A.P. Almirante Grau was replaced as fleet flagship by B.A.P. Montero, a Carvajal-class frigate built by Servicio Industrial de la Marina (SIMA) and commissioned into the navy in 1984.

On the occasion, B.A.P. Montero was renamed to B.A.P. Almirante Grau as flagships of the Peruvian Navy bear the name of famous Peruvian Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario.

During the ceremony, the Peruvian Navy flag was lowered for the last time from the previous B.A.P. Almirante Grau, a former Dutch Navy De Zeven Provinciën-class cruiser bought by Peru in 1973. Before starting service in the Peruvian Navy, B.A.P. Almirante Grau was known as HNLMS De Ruyter (C801) and was commissioned into the Dutch Navy in 1953.

The former B.A.P. Almirante Grau was also the world’s last gun cruiser in active service.