Australian Navy-hosted Sea Power Conference concludes in Sydney

The Royal Australian Navy-hosted Sea Power Conference concluded after three days of presentations, bilateral meetings, industry engagements and discussions on the future of naval operations and maritime capabilities.

The Sea Power Conference explored the theme ‘Navy and the Nation’ and featured presentations on the critical role a high-functioning industrial base plays in supporting a burgeoning naval enterprise.

Alongside the Pacific 2017 International Maritime Exhibition, the conference provided the opportunity to showcase Australian industry and ingenuity while increasing understanding between the organisations.

The Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, said the three-day conference run alongside the Pacific international maritime exposition attracts leading strategists on maritime matters and affords an opportunity to consider the future of the Navy and its place on the global stage.

“This year’s conference has seen compelling presentations on the significant changes we can expect in the next 30 years,” Vice Admiral Barrett said.

“The navies of today are facing more uncertain threats than ever before and bringing together academia, political and military leaders helps all nations grapple with the challenges we face.

“With the significant investments Australia is making in the maritime domain over the coming decades, the world’s attention is on Australia and how we are working with industry in preparing for the future.

“Navy senior leadership have met with 37 countries and held extensive discussions on how we can all work more cooperatively to share information, expertise and through it, maintain a rules-based order on the high seas.”