Indian Navy prevents possible pirate attack in Gulf of Aden

An Indian Navy frigate has prevented a possible pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden on October 6.

The crew of stealth frigate INS Trishul was escorting merchant vessel MV Jag Amar through the gulf when they noticed a boat carrying out suspicious manoeuvers in the vicinity of the merchant ship.

When INS Trishul launched her integral helicopter to investigate the skiff, Indian marine commandos discovered what the navy referred to as “items identified as piracy triggers” and some small arms with ammunition.

The navy said the merchant vessel Jag Amar with all 26 Indian crew was safe and able to continue her passage. The skiff and her crew were released after the arms and ammunition were confiscated.

The Indian Navy works closely with warships deployed as part of the EU NAVFOR-led counter piracy operation Atalanta. Just two days prior to their intervention in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Navy sailors carried out joint maneuvers with Italian frigate ITS Fasan, the flagship of operation Atalanta.