Korea, US Navy ready for mine countermeasure drill off Jinhae

Mine countermeasure ships from the Republic of Korea and US Navy are all set for a bilateral mine countermeasure exercise taking place off the southeastern coast of South Korea.

US Navy mine countermeasures ship USS Chief (MCM 14) arrived in Busan, Republic of Korea, on October 10 to join USS Pioneer and another ten ROK Navy vessels for the drill.

MN MIWEX consists of ships, aircraft, and explosive ordnance units who will participate in a week of drills meant to detect and neutralize mines in order to create safe navigation routes off the Korean peninsula.

“We’re looking forward to participating with our partners and building on our joint capabilities and enhancing interoperability,” said Lt. Cmdr. William Russell, commanding officer USS Chief. “We share the region and responsibility of maintaining freedom of navigation, so it’s crucial that we continue to strengthen our bonds and ability to operate together.”

Korean Navy’s recently commissioned Wonsan-class minelayer Nampo will also be joining the drills, according to South Korean media reports which also noted that Canadian and Philippines ordnance disposal teams would take part in the exercise.