Algerian Navy officially receives sail training ship El-Mellah from Poland

The Algerian Navy received its new sail training ship El-Mellah from Polish shipbuilder Remontowa Shipbuilding during a handover ceremony in Gdansk on October 21.

During the ceremony, the Polish flag was lowered from the ship’s mast and an Algerian one was raised to the sound of the Algerian national hymn.

El-Mellah (meaning sailor in Arabic) was built by the Polish shipbuilder Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard in Gdansk and launched in November 2015.

The ship started its final round of sea trials on September 16.

El-Mellah is 110 meters long and 14,5 meters wide, with masts that tower 54 meters above water line.

The crew is composed of 222 officers, officers and sailors, and there is room for 120 cadets on board. In addition to training officer cadets, El-Mellah, like many other tall ships serving with navies around the world, will play a role of an ambassador for Algeria, visiting foreign ports and taking part in international events.

The vessel will soon leave the Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard in Gdansk and head for Tamentfoust, Algeria, the home of Algerian Naval Academy.