USS John S. McCain develops crack in hull during transport to Japan

US Navy destroyer USS John S. McCain has developed a crack in her hull while being transported to Japan aboard the heavy lift transport vessel MV Treasure.

The destroyer was being transported from Singapore to Japan where it was to undergo repairs after being involved in a collision with merchant vessel Alnic MC near the Strait of Malacca on August 21.

According to the US Navy, the crack is about four inches long on the starboard side, amidships, and there is also a small dent there.

A US 7th Fleet public affairs officer said the crack, along with inclement weather and sea state conditions associated with Typhoon “Lan” caused the MV Treasure to divert to Subic Bay, Philippines. US Navy experts are currently inspecting the crack to determine if any additional repairs are needed before continuing to Yokosuka.

Earlier this month, the US Navy made the decision to repair USS John S. McCain in Yokosuka, Japan, instead of transporting the destroyer to the US for repairs.

The navy estimates that the destroyer did not suffer as much damage as the USS Fitzgerald – which will be transported back to the US for repairs – and assesses that the U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility-Japan Regional Maintenance Center can complete the work.