Brazilian Navy training frigate U27 set for Mayport visit

The Brazilian Navy’s training ship NE Brasil (U27) is set to make a port call to Naval Station Mayport during its midshipmen training campaign.

The Niterói-class frigate is set to arrive in Florida for a five-day visit on November 8.

Brasil has approximately 450 personnel aboard including 16 partner nation officers, including one US Navy ensign, and 186 midshipmen from the Brazilian Naval Academy.

They embarked on their annual midshipmen training cruise (MTC) of approximately five months, making 17 port calls in 13 countries, including a visit Naval Station Mayport. Upon completion of the MTC, the midshipmen will receive their commission as officers and will serve aboard ships and other military organizations in Brazil.

Brasil has an auditorium, two classrooms, tactical training simulator and a navigation room. During the MTC, the midshipmen have practical lessons in seamanship, damage control and firefighting, naval operations, navigation, meteorology and administration, thus performing an important phase of adaptation to life aboard a warship.

The US and Brazilian navies have participated in several different exercises together in the last year, the most recent being PANAMAX, which concluded its 14th iteration of the exercise earlier this year.