German frigate FGS Lübeck returning from SNMG2 deployment

German Navy’s Bremen-class frigate FGS Lübeck is on her way home having concluded 700 patrol hours as part of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).

The ship and her 200 crew are scheduled to enter their homeport of Wilhelmshaven on November 10, after two months of operations in the Aegean Sea.

Together with other ships and aircraft from NATO, border agency FRONTEX, Greece and Turkey, FGS Lübeck patrolled the area between mainland Turkey and Greek islands, monitoring the seas and looking out for migrant smuggling activities.

The frigate is replaced by combat support ship EGV Frankfurt am Main which departed Wilhelmshaven naval base on October 19. Frankfurt am Main is expected to remain in waters off the Turkish coast for the next six months, returning home in March 2018.

FGS Lübeck is one of the two remaining F122 frigates which are being replaced by the new F125 frigates as they enter service.

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