Thailand hosts first ever ASEAN multilateral naval exercise AMNEX 2017

Thailand is set to host the navies of ASEAN countries for the first ever multilateral naval exercise AMNEX 2017 this month.

Having earlier been designated as the host of the ASEAN International Fleet Review, Royal Thai Navy will also host the first iteration of AMNEX on and around Sattahip Naval Base in the northern part of the Gulf of Thailand.

The harbor phase of the exercise is set to kick off November 13 with the final exercise debrief scheduled for November 22.

AMNEX is being conducted as part of the wider international fleet review which is to be attended by 26 vessels from 19 countries. The naval exercise will only be attended by ASEAN navies however.

Non-ASEAN vessels participating in the fleet review will include ships from Russia, China, US, Australia, India, Japan and Iran.