US Navy opens new ALRE integration facility

US Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Lakehurst on November 2 officially opened a new facility that will help integrate aircraft launch and recovery equipment (ALRE) systems before they are sent out to the fleet.

The ALRE Technology Integration Center (A-TIC) will provide NAWCAD Lakehurst engineers with a shipboard representative environment to test and integrate new or existing ALRE systems and troubleshoot operability issues proactively.

Rear Adm. Shane Gahagan, NAWCAD commander, and assistant commander for Research and Engineering, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), joined Kathleen P. Donnelly, director of the NAVAIR Support Equipment and ALRE Department, for the ribbon cutting during his visit to NAWCAD Lakehurst.

“With technology continuously evolving, it’s important for us to ensure our systems are integrated and working seamlessly together before they go out to our Sailors and Marines in the fleet,” said Gahagan. “I commend the NAWCAD Lakehurst team for their great work and for finding ways to innovate and test so we can meet the needs of the warfighter more quickly, efficiently and affordably.”

A-TIC will replicate what sailors use on the Navy’s aircraft carriers to include shipboard network connections and to-scale facilities, such as flight deck control and air operations. Replica facilities will utilize shipboard representative tactical lighting as well.

Engineers will not only be able to test how ALRE system updates affect other ALRE and non-ALRE systems, but how they will affect the shipboard environment.

“The ATIC facility will support the growth of next generation ALRE capabilities and ensure their quick and efficient integration into the fleet,” said Donnelly. “The amount of time and money that will be saved through this facility is something we are very excited about. Thank you to the entire ATIC team for their dedication to making this happen.”

A-TIC is on track to be fully operational in spring 2018.