HMS Queen Elizabeth sails with Consolite NVG lighting

When Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth got underway from Rosyth in June this year, the ship sailed with a specialized night vision goggle (NVG) lighting suite developed by UK-based lighting specialist Consolite.

As the company explained, the aircraft carrier’s original design did not incorporate NVG LED lighting as it was an emerging technology during the design years.

When the technology became more proven, the Aircraft Carrier Alliance contracted Consolite to support the design change.

Consolite was first commissioned to write a standard by which contracted companies could approve their lighting and many contractors were involved in the work to move the ship to NVG lighting, according to the company.

Around 90% of the work was completed well before sailing this year but the final appraisal and touch up was completed a few months before she left Rosyth for the first time.

“Years of planning has gone in to our small part of this auspicious program. Seeing the ship leave Rosyth and eventually arrive in her home port was an exciting moment,” Consolite said. “Like so many others, we have worked long and hard on this project and are immensely proud of the ship and the program as a whole.”

The new lighting has helped HMS Queen Elizabeth steer through her sea trials and the carrier is scheduled to be commissioned at Naval Base Portsmouth on December 7 this year.