Italian frigate trains with Chinese, Korean warships off Somalia

Italian Navy frigate and current operation Atalanta flagship ITS Fasan trained with ships from the Chinese PLA Navy and Republic of Korea Navy off the coast of Somalia recently.

Fasan first rendezvoused with South Korean and Spanish Navy ships after delivering medicine to the Somalian port city of Hobyo.

The flagship first carried out training evolutions with replenishment ship ESPS Patino and the South Korean Navy destroyer Chungmungong, meeting up subsequently with Chinese Type 052C destroyer Haikou.

Haikou is currently on a counter-piracy deployment as part of the Chinese Navy’s Escort Task Group 171 led by Senior Captain Huang Fengzhi.

Following a boat transfer the PLA Navy delegation were welcomed and given a tour of the ITS Fasan’s bridge before a meeting that presented each other’s mission and to understand in more depth operational topics that would help to better combat the piracy threat. It was understood that there were mutual perceptions and concerns regarding counter-piracy which was also discussed at the 41st SHADE meeting in Bahrain, which also included a Chinese delegation.

This is the third time this year where warships from the PLA NAVY and EU NAVFOR have met in the Gulf of Aden to enhance their cooperation in preventing piracy.